Remember your loved ones and allow
others to keep reminding them

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Have you ever tried asking your grandparents
what were their grandparents called?
Or when were they born and what did they do in their life?

Unfortunately memories fade over time... even the most important ones lose details over the years and one forgets what the great-great-grandfather was called.

To make the memory of a person indelible over time, A Memory Forever offers the Memory Page, an innovative way to freeze the information entered over time, thanks to the fact that the Memory Page has no expiration.

Memory Page example 1 - Memory Page example 2

Some possible graphic combinations:
Some possible graphic combinationsSome possible graphic combinationsSome possible graphic combinationsSome possible graphic combinationsSome possible graphic combinationsSome possible graphic combinations

What does this symbol in the A Memory Forever logo represents?
This symbol represents an embellished version of the infinity symbol ∞.
It was included in the logo because it represents the memories that will remain forever over time, thanks to the Memory Pages that do not expire.
What does a "A Memory Forever" offers?
  • A Memory Page private, customizable, sober and elegant to remember loved ones
  • No advertising on the page, maximum seriousness and respect
  • Extensive customization with over 70 backgrounds, color combinations, marble effects, wood and decorative images, even non-religious ones
  • No deadline, no renewal: a presence forever
  • Possibility to make the page public and visible to all or only to a group of people
  • E-mail notices to remember birth and death anniversaries
  • Visitors can leave memories and virtual gifts (if you decide to enable the option)
  • Direct access to your loved one's page through*

  • The page will remain always active,
    making the memory of your loved one immortal

*If not already assigned to others, for example in the case of homonymy, otherwise it is possible to choose a personalized access address (for example surname-first name-year of birth)

A Memory Forever is free, has no advertising, if you want to support the project you can make a donation with Paypal and credit cards: